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‘JUST DO IT’ is about the possible, but it is more about the opposite of what it tries to represent. It seems to me that it is about encouraging ‘us’ to achieve our goals. It is about success, victory, championship, and overcoming difficulties. It is about comparing ‘ourselves’ to successful athletes and stars in the despair of becoming like them. It is about getting to the point ‘we’ want to be at without killing more time. It is about the act of doing and not thinking, you don’t need to think, you don’t need to pay attention to your life, just do it, just buy it, just consume, just work for us in horrible working conditions. Just accept your slavery. Just accept all the oppressive traditions of your society. Just accept whatever bullshit WE give you. Just be and do whatever makes you not realize what’s going on. Just do it. ‘JUST DO IT’ is not about the possibility of swimming against the stream, the existentialist argument of choice seems like a joke here. There is no freedom of choice according to Nike, much has been determined for you, you should just do it; an imperative order which is eliminating the chance of making a choice for the individual.

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