Omid Kheirabadi (Tehran, Iran, 1992) is an artist, architect, and performer working and living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After finishing his BA in Architecture from SRTTU in Tehran, he joined the MA in Interior Architecture at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands in 2017. While doing this course he was encouraged by his tutors to experiment with other mediums beyond architecture as he was already trespassing on traditional architectural norms. Subsequently, he was accepted in the MA in fine arts Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague which he graduated in 2022. Omid's work gets inspiration from the meeting of his life and political motivations. After finishing his artist residency in Belfast, Northern Ireland, he will be participating in the Research Academy in Zürich in October to work with Dana Yahalomi and Florian Malzacher in a week-long performance workshop on his research question; the correlations between resistance against the oppression of global capitalism and the performance art and its impacts on the performers.

Omid’s area of research is humorously and confidently rooted in first-hand experiences and questions of global disparity in economics and legal status. He tackles questions of European (Western) hegemony, economic disparities, power, (artistic) labor, immigration, and discrimination head-on. His constant questioning of the State’s mechanisms of denial and distancing of the middle classes from the mechanisms of production yields interesting work. The established practice of centering his own experiences is committed and the growing string of hourly fast-food jobs and services, pop culture, and the performer’s body/character is relevant and grants easy access to all these topics. The results of the questions: What is a body? and What mechanisms define/restrict/ a (working) citizen? Have been realized in a number of brilliantly impactful pieces each time analyzing the positions, agencies, and responsibilities of an artist, a service provider, an international student, or a foreigner.


August 2022

July 2022

April 2022

March 2022

September 2021

March 2021

"a collective moment of dialogue, performance, and oppression", a collaborative performance session part of the artist's residency program at USI

Banana Block, Belfast (Northern Ireland)

"alive & unborn", the graduation performance in collaboration with Daphnis Monastirioti, and Siamak Misheni

Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague (Netherlands)

"One day is too short, three days are too long!”, A collaborative performance at the group exhibition “A scenic route to self”

The Nest, The Hague (Netherlands)

KFC or Revolution?”, Solo Performance

W139, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The Poss!ble”, A reading performance in collaboration with Rosa van Walbeek (clarinet) during the launch of keywords publication of Master Artistic Research

Page Not Found, The Hague (Netherlands)

Selling Art”, and "Eating Art", — During the group exhibition “Sun Kissed / Fog Off” in collaboration with Daphnis Monastirioti, Hugo Leos, Lena Longefay, and Xenia Klein

Quartair art space, The Hague (Netherlands)

April 2020

“Spend the Night with Me”, A one-night and day durational performance with a stranger.

Airbnb at Adamshofstraat 152A, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Commissioned Performances

July 2022

March 2022

May 2021


May - June 2022

"Nomad House"— A part of the collective exhibition 'living on the rooftop' in collaboration with 'Dakdorpen' as part of Daken Dagen festival 2022.

The Rooftop Walk, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

May 2021

March 2021

October 2019

“A TOUGH SOLDIER”, Solo Exhibition

EINSI, Maastricht (Netherlands)

October 2018

“Learning from the models”, Group Exhibition

Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht (Netherlands)


August 2022

Two weeks of artist's residency program at USI as part of ECRN

USI, Belfast (Northern Ireland)

March 2021

One-hour artist's residency program designed and performed by 'Lena Longefay' as an institution part of the “Sun Kissed / Fog Off”, Group Exhibition Master Artistic Research (KABK)

Quartair, The Hague (Netherlands)


November 2019

Master Thesis Awards 'Scriptiekunst' for “Imaging the Space”

Faculty of Arts thesis awards, Zuyd Hogeschool, Maastricht (Netherlands)

September 2017

Excellence scholarship, Zuyd Hogeschool, the Master of Arts in Interior Architecture 

Maastricht Academy of Architecture, Maastricht (Netherlands)

September 2013

Full scholarship, Iranian Ministry of Education for the Bachelor of Science in Architecture

SRTTU, Tehran (Iran)


September 2022 

April 2022 

Performing The Art Of Intolerance, The Master Thesis of Artistic Research, participated in Libros Mutantes 2022 book fair in Madrid

The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK)

September 2021

Key Words 2021, Key Words is a yearly publication written, edited, and designed by first-year students of The Master Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK)

Page Not Found, The Hague (Netherlands)  

June 2021

Imaging the Space, Master thesis in Interior Architecture

Page Not Found, The Hague (Netherlands)