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alive & unborn (delft fringe 2023)

“I’m really bad at playing the hornet bass drum. Maybe, mostly, probably because I’ve never seen a real hornet bass drum in my life! The same applies to democracy. Have you ever seen one that is functioning for everyone? Why would I even think about the pervert capitalist relationships when my chocolate is 40% slave free? Be eerlijk, work hard, and gewoon doe normaal, het komt goed.”

‘alive & unborn’ is a dark satirical performance reflecting on the injustices created by years of the racist capitalist system, colonialism and slavery, and the demons of credit and debt. What’s hope and how much of it is left for us? In this performance, Omid Kheirabadi engaged the audience with his critical understanding of late capitalism through a site-specific performance. In this festival, Omid was accompanied by multitalented performers Isha Van Der Burg, and Valerio Conti for 8 performances in 3 different locations in Delft such as; the Royal Delft museum, Sigarenfabriek, and Radius Watertower.

From schizophrenic electronic music to morning tunes of Iranian traditional Setar and a Heavy Rock song about Necrophilia, the work took the audience on a sonic journey thanks to brilliant pieces by Daphnis Monastirioti (a Rotterdam-based artist, and performer) and Simak Misheni (an Aachen-based Musician) who also played live during the festival.

"alive & unborn" was the topic of discussion at TU Delft Studium Generale during the event: DOING GOOD: HERE TO SAVE THE DAY?

here you can read about the event.

Read more on the Delft Festival website.

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